SAMM-posters and presentations at international conferences the summer of 2022

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SAMM is presented in London at IAFOR’s European Conference on Education (ECE)

It has been an intense and busy summer with SAMM -posters and presentations at conferences internationally: NPHC (Nordic Publich Health Conference) and ECCP (European Conference on Positive Psychology) in Reykjavik, Iceland and ECE (European Conference on Education) in London, England. There has been great interest and response for our work. It was particularly fun to meet Richard Ryan, one of the persons behind the self-determination theory we build the SAMM-methodology on, and he showed great enthusiasm for our work, and said that this was a good way of implementing self-determination theory in school.

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Poster at NPHC, Reykjavik, Iceland
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Richard Ryan discusses the project with us, with great enthusiasm, poster at ECPP, Reykjavik, Iceland