Increased interest for SAMM in Peru

Toril Espegren from Birkenes Learning Centre, with Peruvian representatives, among others president/leader of Fondep, a national funding organisation for education, and our SAMM-brochure…

In April 2019, everything started when Toril Espegren, teacher at Birkenes Learning Centre, brought the motivation method to a school in Peru, and from there it has spread to several schools through another person from Norway who works in Peru currently (for Lutheran Missinary Association). So far, around 400 students in Peru have tried the method. What the students report in their evaluations is very positive, they are satisfied with the method and experience increased motivation and that they become better at planning. Also the Directorate of Education has become interested in the work, and want training of teachers to try out the method in a region.

Ingebjørg to the left, NLM’s worker in Peru, who has brought the motivation method to different schools.