Research conferences at London University July 2019

May Olaug Horverak, Eva-Kristin Paaschen-Eriksen and Mariette Aanensen at Birkbeck, ready for the conference.

This summer, the SAMM-team and the HBS-leader went to London to two research conferences and presented findings from studies. The study from lower secondary school was presented at The European Conference on Education, and the study from the adult learning centres were presented at The European Conference on Language Learning (Organisator: IAFOR). We had some interesting days here, and we got particularly good response on how we work with life-mastery skills in lower secondary school, and as someone said, this is something that should be done worldwide.

May and Mariette are presenting the motivation method for an interested audience.
Gerd Martina Langeland outside Birkbeck
May and Gerd Martina in front of the main building of London University