Summer atmosphere in the SAMM project at TT Beach in Lillesand, May 2019

By May Olaug Horverak

The school year is getting close to an end, and it is time for the SAMM-crowd to gather to go through the year’s activities and say something about were we’re headed in the future. About 50 people that either have been involved in SAMM, or will be involved next semester, were present. THANK YOU to TT Beach for good service and food, we will be back 😊.

It was a magical evening with many exiting presentations from teachers and others that have used the method during the yar. THANK YOU to all the teachers that shared their experiences and that have contributed to adjust and develop the motivation method throughout the year. It is incredibly fun to run a project when having such fantastic people to work with.

The reason that we this year have been able to expand the SAMM project from upper secondary school to new contexts like adult learning and lower secondary/primary schools is that we are part of Healthpromoting Kindergartens and Schools, one of the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s public health projects in Agder, THANK YOU to the project leader of HBS, Eva-Kristin Paschen-Eriksen, who has been a faithful support on the way and that has helped us and motivated us to move forward, we really appreciate it. THANK YOU to other central SAMM-collaborators in HBS; Eva Carmen (Grimstad), Kedir Diary (Lillesand), Anette Lindhagen (Lillesand), Karianne Rosef (Birkenes) og Mariette Aanensen (UiA/Kristiansand), it’s only fun to work with development with you on the team. Another person who deserves a THANK YOU is aour good collaborator in SAMM, psychologist Fagerhaug who contributed this evening with an inspiring appeal, and like someone said, we should have heard it once more so we could take notes. The day after, he came to the lower secondary school in Engesland, and had a good response there as well, many great youths smiled at his jokes.

A last THANK YOU goes to Gerd Martina Langeland, who started the whole thing, and started this journey that SAMM has become; I couldn’t have wished for a better travel companion.

Gerd Martina talks about the focus model applied in the classroom

This was a lot of thanks, but after such a fantastic evening, where one after the other tells me what the SAMM-project has meant to them, both in their own and in students’ lives, I cannot do otherwise but give thanks back to everyone around me that contributes to carry this project forward.

We close with the quote that has followed us since an inspiring talk by Aiman Shaqura the autumn 2018, (iIt’s not about receiving (få), but managing (få til)” and we add that it is not only about managing “because of”, but also “in spite of”.

Photos by Svein T. Heddeland and Kedir Diary

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