Kick-off for “The participant in the centre”

May Olaug Horverak, initiator and leader for “The participant in the centre”, presents the new project where we are to use the SAMM-method when working with individual plans for immigrants. Photo: Kedir Diary.

Close to 40 people were gathered to kick-off for this new project, which is developed based on SAMM in adult learning. Several representatives from the five participating municipalities were present; Birkenes, as leading partner, Lillesand, Grimstad, Vennesla and Evje and Hornnes. Also representatives from the County Governors and the University of Agder came, which we appreciated a lot.

The projects main idea is to integrate the fivestep method when working with individual plans, both at the refugee services and the adult learning centres, for immigrants that participate in the introduction programme. The main point is that the participants bring their reflections when meeting with different institutions, with the purpose of experiencing that they to a larger extent own the process themselves.

The project has received 400 000 NOK from IMDi (The Directorate og Integration and Diversity), and builds on the idea that last year won the regional idea contest about how one may improve the quality of the qualification programme for immigrants. Thanks to Kedir Diary, Maria Bjerke Dalene and Gerd Martina Langeland for contributing this evening.